Artist Statement

Fear. Despair. Hope. Desire.

This is a story of confinement, of darkness, and of belief in a more beautiful world beyond our current seemingly impenetrable walls. It’s about dreams of entering that brighter world, hopes of flight. But not knowing how to get there.
It’s about the despair of our current situation and what we’re missing. Its about fear and coping. Its about reaching. Moments of loss transform into moments of hope, then back again, over and over.
It’s about misreading threats and possibilities, mistaking ugliness and beauty, self deception, reaching in the wrong direction.

-August Bradley


A Special “Thank You”

I would like to make a special thank you to the extraordinarily talented Lucent Dossier team, and in particular Dream Rockwell whose vision created and cultivated this remarkable artistic force; Dayna Riesgo who was the constant backbone to this project; and the incredibly talented Hans Haveron for his body paint artistry.
And I would like to thank my exceptional production team – my long time close collaborator Lonny Danler, as well as Phil Klucsarits and Roberto Gudino, and our production facilitator Giang Hoang, plus the many more who worked so hard on this.
It’s always a team that makes such projects possible.